Trenton Metro Area Local

American Postal Workers Union




Notice of Elections


Petitions may be obtained from the Executive Secretary, Donna Reel, Tour II, Postage Due Clerk, Trenton P&DC, or requested by contacting the Union Office.  Petitions may also be requested online by Emailing


Petitions must be obtained no later than October 10, 2017.  Completed petitions must be received by the Executive Secretary no later than Midnight, October 31, 2017 in compliance with Article IX, Section 2 of the Constitution.


Trenton Metro Area Local

PO BOX 8011

Trenton, New Jersey 08650

Office Phone: 609-631-7745 - Website:


Petitions will be accepted for the following positions:


General President

Executive Vice President

Director, Industrial Relations

Executive Secretary


Director, Clerk Craft

Director, Maintenance Craft

Director, Motor Vehicle Craft

Director, Human Relations


Trustee, 3 Positions



Per Article 9 Section 3, the President has appointed the following individuals with approval of the Executive Board to serve on the election committee.

Stan Jablonski  

Keith Mannifield

Cindy Martin



Eligibility To Hold Office

SECTION 1.      Any postal employee eligible to be a member of the APWU who voluntarily holds a managerial, supervisory or EAS position with responsibility for issuing or recommending discipline, for any period of time, shall be ineligible to hold office at any level of the APWU or to be a delegate to any convention held by the APWU or a subordinate body of the APWU, so long as the employee continues to serve in such position and for a period of one year from the time the employee vacates such position.  Any employee who has submitted an application to a managerial, supervisory or EAS position with responsibility for issuing or recommending discipline shall withdraw such application prior to acceptance of nomination to any office in the APWU.

SECTION 2.      Any postal employee who shall voluntarily hold, accept or apply for any managerial or supervisory position, EAS position or the PASS program, either detailed, acting, probationary or permanently, shall immediately vacate any office held by that member in the national, local, area local, district council, state or regional organization, any department of the APWU, the Postal Press Association, or any subordinate body of the APWU which receives financial support or uses the name of the American Postal Workers Union.


Election of Local Officers

SECTION 1.      Nominations and elections shall be held for the elective officers of this local every three years, commencing 1984.  Candidates shall run for only one Executive Board position.

SECTION 2.      Any member that desires to run for an office of the Local must be a member in good standing for six months immediately preceding the election and secure a nominating petition from the Executive Secretary no later than October 10th.  Nominating petitions must be returned to the Executive Secretary by midnight October 31st of the election year.

SECTION 3       An election committee shall be appointed by the President, with approval by the Executive Board, and will consist of not less than three members.  The election committee shall be compensated with LWOP paid at their current postal rate and an appropriate meal allowance.

SECTION 4.      The Executive Secretary shall verify the eligibility of the person submitting the petition, turning over those approved to the election committee.  Those ineligible will be returning stating the reason for rejection.

SECTION 5.      Candidate’s names will be posted on all APWU bulletin boards.

SECTION 6.      The election shall be conducted by secret ballot.  When ballots are printed, all candidates shall be listed in alphabetical order.  Election ballots shall be mailed November 14th.  Ballots must be returned no later than midnight November 30th.  Ballots shall be counted on the first workday after November 30th.

SECTION 7.      Uncontested positions need not be placed on the ballot. The Executive Secretary shall cast one vote to make them officially elected.

SECTION 8.      Newly elected officers shall assume responsibilities of office on the first business day after January 1st.



1.      Any candidate for office in an election or member of this local may protest the nomination or election.  In a protest, the member must submit the objection in writing and signed, to the Local Election Committee within seventy-two (72) hours from the alleged infraction.

2.      The Election Committee must act on this protest within ten (10) days from receipt of the protest and return their answer to the member in writing via certified mail.

          3.      In the event the Board decision is not favorable to the protesting member, further appeals shall be submitted to the National     Executive  Board within five (5) days of the Local Election Committee’s decision.

4.      All election appeals must follow Article 21 of the National Constitution and Bylaws of the American Postal Workers Union, AFL-CIO.